What days are you open?

We are open all year round except Christmas Day with 4 cruises every day. Please check our website for seating availability. We have no minimum passenger numbers, so you can be assured that our advertised cruises will actually happen

How safe are jumping crocodile cruises?

We pride ourselves in offering the best and safest tours on the river. Not only do our boats meet or exceed Australian marine safety standards, but we ensure that by having multiple crew on our boats, there is always someone watching out for your safety, even if your busy taking in the action. Our boats are the safest way to get close to the action.

Do you still operate if its raining?

Crocodiles frequently show a tactile response to rain. It brings them to the surface and they appear to enjoy the rain falling on them. We carefully monitor the weather, and operate regardless of the weather. Our larger range of boats allow us to pick the boat that will give you the best experience.

How far from Kakadu are the Jumping Crocodile Cruises?

Jabiru, is 190 kilometers or just under two hours from our 2 storey modern facilities.

Can I bring Children?

Sure. We offer a family friendly experience. We also don’t expect you to have to nurse your precious offspring for an hour in your lap either, we offer them seats as well. Afterall, we want you to enjoy our cruise too.

What are the age limits?

As long as you can get on the boat. (we will help you, if you use mobility aids) we are more than happy to offer our experience to everyone regardless of age.

What can I expect to see on the tour?

This is the fun bit. We really don’t know what you’ll see. Our guests have witnessed life and death battles, meal stealing bull sharks, and rare birds. The wildlife you’ll observe is just that, wild. You can generally expect to see not only some of the largest saltwater crocodiles up close, but some of north Australia’s most interesting birdlife.

How long does the tour last?

Our regular scheduled cruises at 9am, 11am, 1pm & 3pm, are scheduled to last an hour. We do offer speciality cruises from time to time with longer timeframes. Check our website for these.

Where can I buy tickets?

They can be purchased from several outlets, including AAT Kings, or Top End Tourism. They can also be purchased on site upon arrival. We suggest strongly suggest you pre-purchase your tickets online from our website prior. This will ensure that you will have a seat when you arrive.

How long before the tour should I arrive?

We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes prior to the departure of your cruise. Earlier we allow you to use the toilets or get drink prior to heading out for an hour.

How do I get there?

Allow an easy hour drives from Darwin city. If using a hire car, please check with your provider. Most Hire car companies give an exemption to our unsealed driveway. You can book your cruise and transfer here.


Are there toilets on the boat?

No. Only our larger Northern Adventurer does, however due to considerations to the environment, we discourage their use. We suggest you take advantage of our modern shore facilities prior to heading out on our cruises.

Are there toilets at your location?

We have toilet facilities available. Our waste water management exceeds current health department requirements, so you can be assured that no matter what you leave behind, it won’t have a lasting effect on the environment.

Do you have parking?

We offer parking from the smallest car, to caravans and coaches.

What disabled facilities do you have?

Unfortunately access to our upper two storey facilities are not wheelchair friendly, however, we do have the ability to accommodate mobility impaired people in the facilities below the building. We also have the ability to accommodate the mobility impaired on our boats. Please contact our office prior to coming out if you require assistance upon arrival

Are the crocs harmed?

Absolutely not. Their welfare, along with your safety, is our highest priority.